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Tamagotchi v5 Login Codes!

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02332 01900

29060 31230

90242 10130

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Tamagotchi v5 Money Cheat (Word Document)

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The Tamagotchi v5 was the first connection toy to have more than 1 character being raised at once. This version is more family-centered, hence the slogan, "We Are Familitchi!"

Most of the characters in the Tamagotchi! anime originated from the v5.

The v5 can only connect to v5s, v5.5s, Music Stars, and Tama-Gos.

The v5.5 was a continuation of the v5. It's family-centered as well, but has a celebrity touch to it. Characters on the v5.5 are celebrity-based. The games are celebrity based, as well.

The v5.5 can connect to v5s, Music Stars, and Tama-Gos.

Basic Info

Battery Type: CR2032

Pausing Your v5/v5.5: Go to the TV icon and select "Travel Channel." Your tama family will go on a trip and will stop growing. To get out of this mode, press the C Button to come back. Select "Yes" to confirm.

Adjust Contrast: Press B and C. Use A and C to adjust contrast. Press B to confirm.

Sound: Press A and C.

Tama Marriage

Your tama(s) should be at least 6 years old before they cam marry. Go to the TV icon and select "Dating Show." You will then select which tama from your family you want married. The matchmaker will appear and present you with another tama to marry.

If you don't want to marry him/her, select "No." You will return to the home screen. You can try again and see if your desired partner will appear. You have three chances to get married every day.

Cheat! If you don't want to wait an entire day to get a chance to marry again, set the date to one day later and set the time one minute before your tama(s) wake up, which is 6:59. You will be able to try marriage again. You can do this a number of times before you find your partner. After you marry, you can go back and correct the date and time.

To marry him/her, select "Yes." Your tama is now married! Your siblings and parents (if marrying to 3rd generation), will say goodbye and return to Tamagotchi Planet. The married couple will transform into parents and then egg(s) will appear. You now have a new generation of tamas!

Marrying via Connection: The tama families should be close friends before marrying. You can make them close friends by connecting and playing games often. To marry, select "Marry" after selecting the version type. Choose the tamas you want to marry. Connect the two together and watch them marry!

If you want a Pure Family via Connection: The partner should be sent to the main partner's Tamagotchi (ex. Chantotchi should be sent to Mametchi.) It won't work backwards. They both must have a 100% bond.

Your Tama(s) Are Gone... Instead of dying, your tama family will go back to Tamagotchi Planet in a UFO that will be displayed on-screen. To start over, press A and C.


Training is vital in raising a good tama family. there are certain times throughout the day that your family will call you to do a training activity with them. The times are: 10am, 12pm, 2pm, 4pm, and 6pm.

Cheat!- Set the time on your Tamagotchi Toy one minute before one of the training times to train them quicker.

Your family will call you and there will be a thought bubble above them that either has a question mark or a music note in it. Scroll to the praise/training icon and select it. There will be a lineup of three items. The first item will help you get Mame characters (Smart), the second item will help you get Meme characters (Cheerful), the third item will help you get Kuchipa characters (Easy-Going.)

Bond Percentage

Your bond percentage is the thing that tells you how close your family is. You can raise the percentage by playing lots of games, playing with your family with certain toys, or training them.

v5 Games

TV Surfing: Match the picture on the TV with the one on the screen in the top-right corner. Press A to select the picture when it appears.

Tea Time: Pour tea into the cups when it is placed correctly. Press A to pour tea into the left cup. Press B to pour tea in the right cup. Press both A and B to pour tea into both cups, if both are placed correctly. If neither cups are placed correctly, don't press anything.

Games With Your Parents (Must Be 2nd Gen. or Above)

Golf Putt (Father): The power meter will go up and down under the golf club. Stop the cursor directly under the club by pressing A. The meter goes faster and faster as you advance in the game.

Shoe Pairs (Mother): Your mother will hold up a shoe. You need to get the matching pair from the bottom. When the matching pair from the bottom is directly under the gap, press A to pick it up.

v5.5 Games

Tama Fans: You will be signing autographs and receiving fan mail from your fans. Press A to see the fan on the left. Press B to see the fan on the right. Only see fans who have a pencil or a letter in their thought bubble. If you see the fan with a bug in their thought bubble, you will lose.

Pool Play: Get across the pool without falling in the water. Press B to hop onto an inner tube.

Tennis: Hit the tennis ball back to the other player. If the ball goes up, press and hold A to go up and use C to hit the ball. If the ball goes down, press and hold B to go down and C to hit the ball. If the ball stays in the middle, press C to hit it.

Safe Box: Match the two numbers above to open the safe box. Press A to select the first number and B to select the second number. Press C to submit your answer.

Games With Your Parents (Must Be 2nd Gen. or Above)

Cue Ball (Father): Time your shot and press B to shoot.

Jewels (Mother): A jewel will be covered, then scrambled with identical covers. Press A to select a cover, and B to choose it.


As you probably know, the v5 and v5.5 have different types of families. The type of family you will have depends on your bond percentage and the type of characters you marry together.

Every 1st generation family is a blended family.

Types of Families

These are the type of families that you can have. There are nine in all.

Pure Families

There are four families that are referred to as "Pure Families." They are the Mame Family, the Meme Family, the Kuchipa Family, and the Violet Family. They are "pure" because the mother and father of the family are the same type of character (for example, if a Mametchi and a Chantotchi get married (with 100% bondage level), they will become a Mame Family, since they are both Mame characters.)

Only Pure Families have pets. Pure Families also do something funny when you press the C Button!

Note: Marriages for Pure Families don't work backwards. For example, if you marry a Yonepatchi to a Kuchipatchi, you won't get a Kuchipa Family. You will get a Blended Family.

Mame Family

Mametchi, Chamametchi, Mamametchi, Papamametchi, Bagubagutchi (Pet)

Marry a 100% bonded Mametchi to a Chantotchi

Meme Family

Memetchi, Imotchi, Mememamatchi, Memepapatchi, Chitchii (Pet)

Marry a 100% bonded Memetchi to a Mumutchi

Kuchipa Family

Kuchipatchi, Chibipatchi, Mamapatchi, Papapatchi, Onsen Moguratchi (Pet)

Marry a 100% bonded Kuchipatchi to a Yonepatchi

Violet Family

Violetchi, Kizatchi, Mamavioletchi, Papakizatchi, Hanatarezoutchi (Pet)

Marry a 100% bonded Violetchi to a Sukatchi

Not-Pure Families

Not-Pure Families are families that don't have the exact characters of the Pure Families. Not-Pure Families do not have pets, nor do they do anything special when you press C. These families can be made with any bondage level.

Blended Family

A blended family is a family in which the parents are either different types of characters, or you married the same type of characters wrong. Blended families are a great way to get a variety of characters that you can marry into Pure Families.

Ninja Family

Gozarutchi, Kunoitchi, Okugatatchi (Mother), Kasiratchi (Father)

If you have a Ninja Family, that means that the tama you raised was neglected (unhappy most of the time, missed attention calls.)

Large Family

Osumotchi (Son and Daughter), Metaboritchi (Mother and Father)

If you have a Large Family, that means that the tama you raised was fed too much food (bloated.)

Petite Family

Puchiputchi (Son and Daughter), Puchioyatchi (Mother and Father)

If you have a Petite Family, that means that the tama that you raised was underfed (starving.)