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Welcome to TaMametchi, a cool website that is dedicated to the virtual pet, Tamagotchi! This website contains loads of information about Tamagotchi, and other fun things to keep you busy. Become a member to support TaMametchi and to access cool members-only features!

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TaMametchi Chat Rules:

  • Be nice to all people in the chat.
  • Posting a link to your fansite/blog is okay, but please do not flood the chat with links.
  • Please refrain from posting spam/flooding the chat with short, pointless messages.
  • Do not use the names "Chantotchi", "Admin", or any other name that would trick others into thinking you are a manager of TaMametchi.
  • The custom smilies are for use on TaMametchi only. Please do not use them on any other site.
  • Violation of the rules could get you banned from the chat.

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Tamagotchi Wallpapers

Tamagotchi Easter: Click Here!

Tamagotchi Halloween: Click Here!

Tamagotchi Christmas: Click Here!

Tamagotchi ID: Click Here!

More Friends, More Fun!: Click Here!

TamaCafe: Click Here!

Popstar Lovelin!: Click Here!

Tamagotchi New Year: Click Here!

Treasure Hunt!: Click Here!

Mametchi Cruising Through Space: Click Here!

Tamagotchi School: Click Here!

TamaMori!: Click Here!

Tamagotchi Coloring Pages!
Mame Family: Click Here!
Meme Family: Click Here!
Kuchipa Family: Click Here!
Violet Family: Click Here!
Ninja Family: Click Here!

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TaMametchi Purple Banner (Animated)

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TaMametchi Purple Banner

<a href="http://tamametchi.webs.com/"><img src="http://tamametchi.webs.com/tamametchi1.gif"></a>

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